About Us


The year 2011 is the year of the birth of this great project of hotel services. Today the city of Chiclayo has various lodging establishments which in most cases fail to meet the high demand from customers and tourists visiting our city. As often as the tourists seek a central location, comfortable, high quality hotel and service, with personalized attention, professional and knowledgeable staff of the hotel sector.

Thanks to the work of a select group of professionals led by the sense of addressing this great need, there is the interest of creating a place to gather these details, the Hotel Villa Rita, his new hotel, where quality, comfort, modern rooms and the service we provide will make your stay ideal place for relaxation or business, applying social and environmental sense.


Provide a complete service of accommodation, food and beverage, room qualityevents in an innovative, friendly and safe according to a three-star hotel.


New position as the best hotel company in the city of Chiclayo with projection for growth in northern Peru .