Chiclayo: City of Frienship and Mr. Sipán

Chiclayo ( Also known as  City of Frienship), Lambayeque Department’s capital , is located 780 km north of Lima, capital of Peru. Has a Great Cultural and Historical Heritage of Civilisations from Mochica and Lambayeque.

It has a warm and sunny climate all year round with temperatures ranging between 17 º and 25 º C. During the summer (January to March) the temperature can reach 34 º C. In Chiclayo little rain and runs through the city a permanent breeze at times, especially in the evenings, they often become strong winds.

Chiclayo has not only a great tourist attraction counting on the Royal Tombs of Mr de Sipan, Sican National Museum, the Pyramids of  Túcume,  Zana, Pimentel beaches, Santa Rosa, Puerto Eten and Monsefú (The City of Flowers)and beautiful crafts, but it is also a Great Business and Commercial Core Zone of Northeastern Perú .